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IV. Starting a Unit Plan

 “America Yesterday and Today

Set # 1  “Back then…” 


Given the pictures of different forms of transportation of early 1900’s, the student will orally name the transportation of the journey of immigrants to this country, pointing out to at least 3 correctly. 


I will start the activity by passing out the worksheet “Back then…” with pictures of the different types of transportation and empty space for the students’ answers.

I will explain the task for students:

Identify what types of transport you know from the early 1900’s and share if you know how your grand-parents or parents arrived in the USA.

Pre-assess: students will look and say what they know of the transport in early 1900’s. Thus, I will involve them in the first discussion on how immigrants arrived in America and will estimate how many students of the class are knowledgeable of the concept “immigration.”

 Focus: I will focus and stimulate their thought for the upcoming Unit theme on immigration by asking if they know how their grand-parents or parents came to the USA.

Transfer: I will then ask the students the following possible questions: What the term “immigration” means? How did your family get here?

CONCLUSION:  I finish the AS explaining the rationale for the UP study. 

From your answers it became clear to me that you know how America started.  The upcoming unit plan “America Yesterday and Today” will be about the concept of “immigration.”  In this Unit you will learn more about the history of America and immigration…By the end of the Unit, you will be researching a city with over 1 million in population to see how immigration has helped to shape it. You will work as a group to create a travel poster or brochure, track population changes and even do a Power Point Presentation to the whole class! 

Rationale told to students:

It is important to see how the movement of people to one area helped to create cities and shaped what America is today. It also created many problems. In our culminating project your will address some of the problems that can arise when a lot of people live in the same area and what the city can do to help deal with the problems. It will help you understand what it means to become an active citizen of the country.

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