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Culminating Project

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VI. Culminating Project

a project or activity that will engage students in summarizing their discoveries and develop new ideas understandings and connections.

Culminating Activity

(1 or 2)


(Title of Activity) 


Description: provide an overview of bringing thematic unit to a close that is a demonstration of a students' learning through a performance and/or product)


Time needed to complete activity/project


Goals: (might be several as this is the result of learning of the whole unit).




Task - the task is what the student actually has to do. It should include the use of more than one intelligence and take students into the higher levels of Bloom's Taxonomy.


Role and Purpose for connecting the task to the real world establishing a role for students that is real, makes the culminating performance/product more significant. The purpose tells why the task is being done and reinforces the real-life context of the culminating performance/product.


Audience identifying an audience beyond the teacher presence. The teacher encourages students to produce higher quality work. (Who can be invited? School administrators, parents, siblings, disctrict officials, book authors, journalists, etc.)



Use of Technology

Assessment (Summative) Rubric


Generalizations formulate the key ideas, values, conclusions that students are to make as a result of this unit plan and the culminating project. Generalizations should be in full sentences. See examples here. Scroll down to grade 4 pp. 8-10


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