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VII. Evaluation

explain how will you evaluate student progress throughout the unit. 

Illustrate your teaching SS pedagogical knowledge and skills in designing different types of assessments --- Traditional and Performance-based Assessments

Use this Assessment Timeline as a example


Performance-based assessment is an ongoing part of the learning process rather than an end result. How will you give students opportunities to select, speculate, create, and apply during the learning process. How will you document student learning? 

Dr. Smirnova's Assessment Graph as a reminder!

Assessment Reservations

Authentic Assessment Examples

More Examples

Assessment Assistance - interactive activities

Daily Dose of the Web - Assessment activities in different subject areas

Provide samples of different assessment tools/instruments

A reminder of Quizlet site for creating or re-using some of the assessment methods, and a RubiStar for creating or re-using rubrics.  

NB! For better results, you need to register at Rubistar!

NB! Make sure you provide 

3 types of assessment methods - a picture of the Diagnostic – Formative – Summative assessments) 


Add the Pre-assessment test for your unit plan theme.(URL to your G-form) 

* Diagnostic provide examples and/or add the links to your AS

* Formative - name the methods you will use for ongoing assessment

* Summative - provide examples, samples of rubrics, gr. processing forms, checklists, quizzes, etc.


Add the Post-assessment test for your unit plan theme


More Examples of ongoing assessment techniques and methods.

Assessment timeline is a visual representation of the ongoing assessment plan.

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