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Goals Standards Objectives

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III.  Goals, Standards and Objectives


Goals are general statements of the learning outcomes of the teaching event, they are statements of what students will learn, understand, know, comprehend by the end of the unit plan. Goals are aligned with the key ideas of the standards. In a way, goals are key ideas specified to the theme of the unit plan.


Select the appropriate National Social Studies Standards and NYS Learning standards, including the Key Ideas (for formulating the goals) and the Performance Indicators (for formulating the objectives). Add Common Core Standards pertaining to your unit plan topic.


Review Bloom's process verbs and  products examples. (Aim high!)


Formulate at least 5 goals reflecting the key ideas of the  NY S Social Studies standards, Common Core  (a goal per standard) that will be addressed in the unit plan appropriate for the unit plan and cross reference with other NY S learning standards that will fit the theme of the unit plan (MST, Arts, Science,,etc.).

Use the NY Thinkfinity site for ideas.  NY State Standards and Alignment Resources (hundreds of SS lesson plans and activities from the reliable sources)


Examples of lessons for NY SS Standard 4 


Objectives are the most specific statements about the learning outcomes -- they have to have 3 components known as CBC: Condition (the setting: Task or materials for a certain subject expressed in GIVEN), the student will + Behavior (action verb from the Bloom's Taxonomy), Criterion (the expected perfomance at a certain level with the evaluation measure in mind). Formulate at least 2 for each standard. See the objective's CBC formula



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