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Lesson Plans

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V. Lesson Plans and Possible Activities 

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See MSMC rubric section Y

You are expected to design at least 6 six lesson plans 3 full MSMC lesson plans and at least 3 enabling activities. Enabling activities are the events that will help students develop understandings, skills, attitudes needed to demonstrate the mastery of learning in the end of the unit plan in the culminating project.

Make sure you provide a variety of activities for different learners, learning styles, Multiple intelligences, different levels of Bloom's Taxonomy, etc.

Include the lesson plans for teaching directly a concept or a skill, add inquiry, cooperative, collaborative learning lessons, problem-solving projects.


Minimum 6 Lesson plans:

Follow the Lesson plan (TIP: click on the link and on the next page scroll up to click download on the top of the page).

Frames for:

Direct Instruction 

Indirect Instruction/Inquiry

Indirect Instruction/Cooperative Learning


Activity format for the rest of the lessons in the unit plan.


Sites with UP  activities for ideas: 

Unit plans in Social Studies 

Famous people Curriculum Unit Plans

SS unit and lesson plans








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