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Presentation Guidelines

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Presentation Guidelines:

Present the project as a group.

I. Use the side bar of one of your UP wikis  for the group presentation. Addi the links to your personal unit plan wikis on each of the unit plan wikis of the team.

Present the parts of the project that are common first and then share what you did differently via your individual wikis.


  1. Title & Grade Level  of the Unit plan
  2. Rationale (Be sure to discuss which Content Standards are addressed).
  3. Goals
  4. Starting Activities  - individual
  5. Name Lessons and Enabling Activities  - partially individual
  6. Culminating Projects - partially individual
  7. Evaluation Methods
  8. Resources & References. Name those of particular interest: esp. SS text, scope and sequence sources, web resources, people resources, other readings.  -  partially individual 
  9. Additional Materials: vocabulary, other activities you would like to mention
  10. Self-evaluation comments.

Individually share what you learned about teaching in general, teaching social studies, in particular. How today you are different from what you were in the beginning of the course. Your discoveries, findings, gainings and losses, if any. What will your social studies classroom look/be like?

  1. Use this Evaluation Chart to create a feedback page on your wiki.

II. Follow the guidelines for the Oral presentation/MT:  

dress appropriately, keep an eye contact, pay attention to the voice projection, engage the audience and provide the handouts, avoid reading, be enthusiastic about your UP theme, stay in the time frame allotted (8-10 min).

Participate actively in a brief Question & Answer session following each presentation to be ready to post a reflection on the final DF and on the peers' personal wiki "Peers' Feedback" page..


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