VII. Resources.

Remember it is a resource Unit plan!

The more resources you will provide the better for you!


Provide the resources you will use to support your Social Studies teaching and to enhance student learning. 

CRITICAL RESOURCES - resources needed to do the culminating performance/product and instructional/assessment activities.

NB! Use the resources available in the curriculum library. (Ask Sr. Marion, Tiffany for guidance in the curriculum library).

Follow the APA format when adding the sources in this section. See the requirements and examples here:

View some tips for using APA for the Internet resources.


Refer either to References icon in the MS word browser window (go to Manage Sources section) or go to Citation Machine site. Keep in mind the requirements to the Citation Styles.


Include:     Textbooks  ---  Reference Books ---  Trade books  --- Teacher Manuals ---- Other Printed  or ----

Electronic resources (NB! APA for electronic is different than that of the printed resources).

People --- Library/Media Specialists ----  Places/Field Trips ---  Other 

Teacher Resources (Give credits to those who helped you in the process of Unit plan design).

NB! Provide the links to the National, State Social Studies Standards sites, articles you read, researched, used in other classes, etc.