Starting a Unit

Possible Methods of Starting a Unit


In this section of the unit plan you are to provide at least three (required) or maximum five (exceeds) Starting activities - Anticipatory Sets - for the unit plan.  Be creative - imagine you teach 3/5 different groups of students and want to be different with all of them. Choose a poem, or a video clip, or a puzzle. Remember it should be brief -- 3 to 5 minutes.

Provide the description of how you will pre-assess students' prior knowledge, focus them on the new theme/topic and motivate students to study the upcoming unit.  Keep in mind, you invite your students to the unknown topic.

Follow the provided format for each of the 3 (5) Starting Activities:

1. Set # + "A Catchy title."

2. An Objective.

3. A Description of the set: what and how you will do it to:

4. In the end of all the anticipatory sets write once the conclusion: what the unit plan will be about and why it is important to study it. Address this wrapping up statement to the students. 

See a AS sample

Voki Starting Activity