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Subject Matter Outline

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II. Subject Matter Outline  


See the Examples of the Social Studies (SS) Unit plans' Outlines in Core Curriculum resource Guide (p18).

Look through the SS general understandings that can be used as generalizations in your unit plans.

To create a good subject matter outline you need to conduct different types of CONTENT ANALYSIS: - select the information to be taught, the concepts to be introduced, the skills to be developed and the generalizations to be defined.

You can brainstorm ideas for your UP using "Inspiration" software and then convert your mind map into a subject matter outline and present both traditional and image graph in Section II of the unit plan.

Items to be included: 

a.     Pre-requisite knowledge and skills (use the NY S Newburgh Curriculum Maps from the previous grade level).

b.    Content analysis – Information to be broken into topics and sub-topics in the form of a Mind map or a traditional Subject matter Outline or both. Use Inspiration for mapping your unit plan outline.

(Samples of a traditional ELA unit planSubject Matter Outline (scroll down to p. 20), Subject Matter Outline , and

Graphic Subject Matter Outline 1 and Graphic SMO 2

c.   Key concepts with the Concept analysis (with the definition, examples, attributes/non-attributes at least of one of the concepts)

From Newburgh Curriculum maps:

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 2                                                                            

Grade 5                                   

Grade 6


See NYS SS Core Curriculum for guidance in teaching the SS concepts (pages 9-11)

                    Visit the summary of the Social Studies basic concepts in History, geography, economics and Civics here

d.    Skills to be developed – Task analysis. Check NYS Core curriculum for SS skills (p 12 - 17) & procedures - p. 18. 

e.     Vocabulary words 

f.      Key Ideas = Generalizations (concluding statements) to be made by students in the end of the unit plan. Standards' Key Ideas can be a good source for this section.

See SS Core Curriculum for SS Content Understandings/generalizations. See also NY State SS Learning Standards for more ideas.

NB! Use your teacher manual and the student textbook for identifying major concepts, skills, values, and attitudes.

                 To remind you about the difference between facts, concepts and generalizations go HERE!

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