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Voki Starting Activity

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Starting Activity with Voki


UP Starting activity with Voki Sample


TIPS:  Register for the VOKI site. When you are on your Voki site, select a character, add features, color of the hair, eyes, clothes, etc. Record your greeting either using your cell phone, or type in the text, select the voice from the given options, and convert the text to sound, etc. Save it.

Click on the image you created and it will get on the right side of the screen. Publish your creation. 

Go to #1 choose destination and in the drop down menu hit "other"

Go to # 2 and choose the size (300 or 200 is fine!) and then click on publish

Get Code.

Copy the code (a long gibberish combination of letters and numbers in <>) on voki and bring it to your website page. Select HTML on eClass forum (<> Source on wiki, here) Type in the name of your character/voki, in the post space, and then Insert, paste your code  in and you are done! You will see your voki in the post.




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